Sunday, October 11, 2015


Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai

Comrade ERP software  - Ultra version released.  Customers can get beta version from the Comrade Office, Dubai.  Please contract the following address for a free demonstration of the product.

Comrade Software Marketing LLC
Dubai Office located in Al Mamzar centre, Dubai.  Al Mamzar centre is very near the Al Qiyadah Metro Station.   The Ultra Version is a powerful software specially for Auto spare parts companies. It's design is most suitable for the Middle East Market.   Some of the screen shots are included in this blog.

The screen designs are very special and more user friendly.  There are several add on features included in the Comrade Ultra version.  Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp etc included in the Ultra software.

User control screen is very unique and very quick to setup as per the client requirements.

 Chat module is included in the software.  Ultra users of the company can interact each others by its advanced chat module.
 Enhanced Sales order option will help very much to the client before making invoice.  Sales order quantity will consider as the reserved Qty.  The Ultra will generate a special report based on the sales order quantity.

 Sales invoice screen is more advanced.  An invoice can make within a very limited time.
Advanced search engine is incorporated with the Sales invoice.

 Advanced Delivery order tracking and SMS to client's mobile also included in the Ultra version.
 Purchase order entry and various tracking option included in the Comrade Ultra version.  Several dashboard also included in the Comrade Ultra version.  Prioritized Purchase order is one of the unique feature of the Comrade Ultra Software.

Realtime costing included int he Purchase invoice. Other cost calculation based on volume and value are included in ultra software. Weighted average, FIFO and LIFO costing are optional. The ultra will allow entries any currency with exchange rate as per the input.

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