Comrade FAQ


1) How to Install Comrade?

Ans: Insert the Comrade CD in CD Drive ->Open Drive->Double Click On the Setup.Exe file ->Follow the Instructions.

2) How To Create Account Group (Account Heads)?

Ans: The Account Groups are basically arranged as follows.

Default Group settings are as follows:

Assets : 1000 to 1999

Liabilties 2000 to 2999

Equity 3000 to 3999

Income 4000 to 4999

Cost 5000 to 5999

Expenses Above 6000

Post Dated Cheques Received 1203

Post Dated Cheques Issued 2103

Customers 1205

Suppliers 2205

Cash 1201

Bank 1202

The above are the default group settings in the program. The Groups can create, edit or delete from the Group option.

To Create a Group ->File->Group->Entry.

New Group Field you can type Group No. and then Click Add New, for e.g.

The Furniture Account will create under 1000 Series

Say Group No. 1101->Furniture

The Expense Account must be created above 6000 Range, so it can be

6101->Administrative Expenses

3) How to Create Accounts?

Ans: You can Create Accounts from File->Accounts->New.


In the above Section we have explained how to create Account Groups. When you click on a specific Account Group followed by the New A/c Button an automatic Account Number will be generated under that group. You may give respective names for each of them and if needed you can also give the details of Opening Balance.

3.1) How To Create Cash/Bank/PDC Accounts?

i) Go to File-> Accounts-> New

ii) Click on Group Cash (By Default it is 1201)

iii) Click On New A/c Button an Account Number 12010001 will be created

under that Group.

iv) Type CASH / PETTY CAS / Etc. as required by you and give the opening

balance for the same, if necessary.

** Follow the same procedure for Creating Bank and PDC Accounts


Bank ->1202

PDC Received ->1203

PDC Issued -> 2103

3.2) How To Create Customers/Suppliers?

i) Go to File-> Accounts-> New

ii) Create an Account under the Group 1205 for Customers

3.3) How To Create Income/Cost/Expense Accounts?

i) Select the appropriate Accounts Group and create the specific names

under that category

4) How To Configure Voucher Numbers?

Select Utilities from top -> Go to System Parameters -> Select Voucher Numbers -> now the appropriate Voucher Numbers can be created / modified.

5) How To Create An Item?

Inventory -> Click ITEM -> select Create / View -> Tick Enable Creation box -> Type the required ITEM CODE then click New -> now type the description then EXIT

6) How To Group/Subgroup and Categorize an Item?

Inventory -> You can create Group, Subgroup and Category of your products / service, so that you can categorize all your invoices

7) How To View/Search Item?

Inventory -> Item -> Item Enquiry (or) click Item Query button

8) How To Make Sales Invoice?

Inventory -> Sales Invoice -> Entry (or) SALES button. Select Cash / Credit option (Invoice No. can be automatic), on Customer field press F2 button and select the appropriate Customer and Enter – Fill up all relevant details. Press Add button to proceed entering items (type JOB for items without code -> to select a particular code, please press F2 in the same field and select)

9) How To Make Purchase Invoice?

Please refer Item No.8 (Inventory -> Purchase Invoice -> Entry) (or) PURCHASE button.

10) How To Apply Other Costs in Purchases?

Inventory -> Purchase Invoice -> on the Purchase Invoice window ‘check’ the Other Cost option to reflect the expenses incurred on this particular purchase. You may provide the relevant Debit & Credit Account Nos. and the amount will be added to your item value

11) How To See The Transaction Histories Of An Item?

Press Stock Query button to select an Item and to see the transaction history of the same, e.g. F7 for Sales history, F8 for Purchase history, etc.

12) How To Receive Cash/Bank/PDC From Customer?

You may use the Receipt button or Journals -> RV-Receipt Voucher -> Select Cash / Bank / PDC option and enter all relevant details. You can use the Setup Bill option to adjust the receipts of a particular invoice(s).

13) How To Pay Cash/Bank/PDC To Suppliers?

You may use the Payment button or Journals -> PV-Payment Voucher -> Select Cash / Bank / PDC option and enter all relevant details. You can use the Setup Bill option to adjust the payment of a particular invoice(s).

14) How To View Statements?

Reports -> Statement -> (or) Press Statement button – Press F2 to access the Customer code -> select the Date range -> Apply -> Preview to see the display and select Printer to Print.

15) How To View Profit Of Items/Invoices?

16) How To View Different Quantity Reports?

17) How To Use Chart Of Accounts?

18) How To Take P/L Statements?

19) How To Take Trial Balance?

20) How To Take Balance Sheet?

21) How To Take Backup?

22) How to Restore Data?