Thursday, December 22, 2011


Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai
Sales Invoice etnry. 
Guest entry data can transfer to sales invoice.

Room Details. 
 Easy search option

Statement of Account Data Screen

 Statement of Account report screen

Trial balance , P&L and Balance sheet
Account creation Screen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tasra American Auto parts- Updated New version of ComradePlus Software

Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai
About Tasra Group

It has taken 40 years of dedicated work and a relentless pursuit of quality customer service to make TASRA one of the most reputed and trusted trading houses in the Middle East region. Our journey that began in 1976 has been so eventful and rewarding that today, 40 years later, we still feel we have only just begun.

Distribution is our specialty, we pride in being one of the most distinguished distributors for Industrial equipment, machinery, generators and Automotive Spares. To cater to the growing demand of the Industry, our outlets and strategically located warehouses are precision stocked taking into account the current buying trends.

With decades of experience and established customer base in 4 continents of the world, TASRA is now focused on establishing itself as a key player in emerging markets like Iraq, Libya, Armenia and the CIS countries.

KBR, Halliburton, Parsons, Fluor, DynCorp, TWI, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Siemens, various government departments and tens of other multinationals are each served by a dedicated ‘Customer Account Manager’ who is both knowledgeable and friendly. Our style of business guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and an unparalleled after sales service to all our clients.

..Sam Kurakar (Manager, Qamar Dubai Computers) and Mr. Afaq (Chief Accountant, Tasra Group)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comrade Software Point of Sale (ERP) installed in Delhi Books, Sharjah

Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai
    ( Mr. Joseph Xavier, Manager, Delhi Books and Sam Kurakar, Manager, Qamar Dubai Computers.)