Comrade ERP (Transporting Version) features.




• Collaborate with trading


• Plan and execute domestic

and international

transportation movements

• Source transportation

services with bid collaboration

and optimization

• Provide item-level global

supply chain visibility to

inventory in motion and at rest

• Centralize supply chain

performance measurement

and monitoring information

• Establish and manage

appointments into and out of

network facilities

• Rate, match, auto-pay, and

bill freight charges and


• Create and manage claims

• Manage international shipping operations as a forwarder or broker

• Configure orders and

shipments in the most efficient manner to maximize asset utilization “COMRADE Transportation Management allows you to gain control of your transportation and logistics operations while minimizing costs and eliminating inefficient and redundant procedures. COMRADE Transportation Management combines broad logistics capabilities with deep transportation-management functionality. Whether your needs are for a single-mode business or for a complex multi-mode, multi-business global network, COMRADE Transportation Management is the solution you have been searching for.”

Global, Local, Central

One version of the truth. That’s what makes COMRADE Transportation Management different from competing products


Transportation management is a unique process in the supply chain because it occurs and reoccurs throughout the lifecycle of product development and delivery. This unique characteristic creates a special opportunity and increasingly necessary function in the operational efficiency of a global supply chain. Using a multienterprise structure that is both configurable to local nuances and practices and standardized for global information normalization, COMRADE Transportation Management can be a central logistics hub, a local TMS (transportation management system), and a global operating system, all at once. This unique design provides one version of the truth on freight costs, lead times, carrier performance, complete in transit and at rest inventory visibility, transportation profitability—all the elements necessary to manage your transportation logistics needs.

Integrate Planning and Execution

COMRADE Transportation Management streamlines the entire logistics planning and execution process—from item availability to final delivery and financial settlement. When coupled with COMRADE Order Management, COMRADE Purchasing, and COMRADE Warehouse Management, COMRADE Transportation Management provides a complete, integrated fulfillment execution solution. You can efficiently plan both inbound and outbound deliveries and departures with carriers or internal fleet. The ability to create shipments and stops enables you to design a transportation network. You can also consolidate, process, and rate deliveries in accordance with carrier and industry requirements. Additionally, you have the ability to automatically assign carriers to deliveries based on customer routing instructions. COMRADE Transportation Management also provides the ability to track through online of carriers, allowing complete visibility of the current delivery status.

Integrate Transportation with Order Management

In many cases, customers want to know available delivery options and freight estimates at order-entry time. With COMRADE Order Management, you can enhance the order entry process, reduce costs, and improve customer service by providing freight options at order entry—including carrier name, freight estimates, mode of transport, service level, and estimated transit time.

Additionally, itinerary routing guide rules and freight rates can be leveraged to quote recommended ship method and freight estimates. Freight charges, which would appear on the invoice, can be automatically marked up based on freight costs and calculated using a sophisticated rules-based engine. Rules for markup can include conditions such as order type, customer class, and so on.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Optimize Carrier Selection

COMRADE Transportation Management incorporates a flexible, rules-based engine to facilitate cost-effective carrier selection, while respecting customer-specific routing requirements and requested delivery times. Automated carrier selection enables you to reduce costs and improve customer service by ensuring compliance with customer-provided routing guides as well as your own internal carrier policies.

In order to effectively model a variety of routing requirements, routing guide rule criteria can support delivery geographic ship from/ship to information, including user-defined zones, delivery weight and volume, and delivery transit times. Routing guide rules can be used to model your own organization’s inbound or outbound routing requirements or those requirements provided by your customers

Cost-Effective Management of Inbound Logistics

COMRADE Transportation Management provides a completely collaborative solution for logistics operations, suppliers, service providers, carriers, purchasing, and even finance. COMRADE Transportation Management optimally plans, executes, and the monitors all of your inbound shipments on a single platform. Even if you use logistics service providers to manage your inbound shipments, they can use your COMRADE Transportation Management application to plan, execute, monitor, and adjust. This allows you to keep your inbound network operating as one cohesive unit, even if you outsource some or all of it to external service providers

Constraint-Based Carrier Selection

COMRADE Transportation Management supports constraint-based rules such as compatibility constraints, carrier capacity, location capacity constraints, and vehicle availability. Compatibility constraints allow you to model shipping constraints related to facilities, customers, and items. Location capacity constraints enable you to effectively model your location throughput, and vehicle availability is used during the transportation planning process.

Automate Processes and Reduce Cycle Time

Automate Rating and Routing

COMRADE Transportation Management supports a fully automated rating and routing flow that requires no manual user intervention. If your objective is to determine the most cost-effective carrier, automated rating and routing can be configured to automatically select the least-cost carrier. Automatic routing (assignment of carrier) for a delivery can occur once the final delivery is created using routing guide rules. The corresponding freight rate can also be automatically applied at that time.

Freight Payment, Customer Billing, and Claims

Organizations can realize significant cost savings by implementing procedures to automate many of the manual procedures associated with freight bill payment and audit. You can perform detailed audits on carrier freight bills, validate bills, and reduce costs by identifying billing discrepancies.

COMRADE Transportation Management supports in-house auditing and integration with third-party auditing firms. Freight bills can be received electronically from the carrier, entered manually, or entered via the Web directly into the application. Freight bills are automatically matched against bill-of-lading details and audited based on user-defined percentage and/or amount tolerances. Freight bills within tolerance are approved and automatically interfaced to COMRADE Payables for payment and cost allocation. You can send shipment information to third-party audit firms. Discrepancy reporting is also available, allowing you to view freight bills that failed audit and the related discrepancy reason.

COMRADE Transportation Management also supports customer billing. From the simplest internal bill to the most complex markup models, COMRADE Transportation Management provides the most understandable and secure billing available, and includes these capabilities:

• Supports door-to-door and cost-plus billing models

• Secures “buy side” from “sell side” information for total margin spread privacy

• Separates contracted rates from actual costs

• Supports match-and-pay and auto-pay processes

• Offers comprehensive real-time reporting and advanced analytics to support regulatory requirements as well as continuous improvement initiatives.

• Covers all aspects of transportation rate contracts, including discounts and accessorial charges

• Covers all modes and all geographies (including language, unit of measure, and currency conversions)

COMRADE Transportation Management pre-populates any claim with the relevant details from existing orders and shipments, ensuring weights, volumes, counts and financial values are correctly identified.

COMRADE Transportation Management can determine, in accordance with your business rules, whether the shipment can continue through to its destination or should instead be held in quarantine while reconciliation actions are taken. Because COMRADE Transportation Management incorporates full transportation financial capabilities, from cost allocation to invoice matching and settlement, any charges related to claims can be tracked and processed accordingly.

Comprehensive Support for Carrier Freight Rating

COMRADE Transportation Management has developed the world’s most sophisticated and robust rating engine, capable of understanding the pricing nuances and structures of multiple geographies; multiple transportation modes; multiple cost drivers; and multiple logistics services. To make these plans highly executable, COMARADE Transportation Management’s rating solution is used by both the planning and execution engines so there is minimal deviation between what is planned and

what actually occurs.

Throughout its many implementations across the globe as a global logistics platform, COMRADE Transportation Management has faced a seemingly infinite set of rating challenges, ranging from the simple to most complex, as organizations constantly pursue ways to gain a competitive advantage through logistics. COMRADE Transportation Management’s single source data model uniquely understands the multiple components that influence a global logistics environment. This extreme flexibility within the COMRADE Transportation Management rating engine delivers optimized logistics planning without limits to business rules, rating logic, or tariff structures.

And while the range of potential opportunities for rating and consolidation can be extremely complex, loading rates into COMRADE Transportation Management’s engine is not.


• Reduce transportation costs

• Increase asset utilization

• Increase supply chain reliability

• Improvement in carrier relations

• Increase in customer service levels

• Flexible global fulfillment options

• Lower Total Cost of Ownership

• Improve process efficiency

• Drive continuous improvement

Complete Visibility into Delivery Tracking Information

COMRADE Transportation Management allowing you to view up-to-date status on any delivery—including tracking history, carrier name, and detailed pickup and delivery status information. Online tracking in Oracle Transportation Management eliminates the need to log in and out of multiple carrier sites in order to obtain tracking information, and addresses the needs of shipping, transportation, and customer support personnel to access the current status of a delivery.

Proof of delivery support allows you to view carrier service performance and improve customer service by communicating detailed delivery information to your customers. Proof of delivery information includes delivery location, delivery date and time, and recipient name.

Key Features in COMRADE Transportation Management

Reduce expedited order cost

Many firms reports a reduction in high cost, expedited shipments due to better planning and system-directed exceptions handling

Increase load consolidation

By using the TNS to consolidate loads from parcel to LTL and from LTL to TL, firms reports significant savings.

Optimize carrier and mode selection

Reduced costs due to automating the selection of lowest-rate carrier, mode and accessorial combination

Identify transportation invoice discrepancies

Discrepancies can be identified by automating the audit of the freight invoice against the original contract.

Track carrier performance

Firms report using the carrier performance information to help negotiate better rated

Lower administrative costs

With the automation of the tendering, shipment creation, and consolidation process, firms report being able to redeploy staff.

Utilize assets more effectively

Increasing, TMS solutions are taking on assets-based fleet management functions to better leverage drivers and equipment