Thursday, September 29, 2011

Comrade ERP installation in Thomsun General Trading.

Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai
Thomsun General Trading, DIP, a leading distributors of various products has installed the Comrade ERP Software for their entire business activities. (

Mr. Shameer K.U. (Asst Manager (Accounts), Thomsun Gen. Trading). receiving  Comrade Software from Mr. Moncy Abraham (Sales Manager, Qamar Dubai Computers)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comrade Software

Our ERP software package is different. Comrade-ERP is an ERP software solution specifically designed for small to big enterprises. It is a fully integrated, functionally rich ERP system that provides a complete solution set for the entire organization.
Qamar Dubai Computer’s customers range from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises with more than 1000 users, which are comprised of multiple legal entities and locations.

Salient Features
Summary: Our Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides a broad range of capabilities to support all critical back office functions. With features for manufacturing, supply chain management, human resources, financial management, and more, ERP software can improve core operations across an entire business.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package can dramatically improve the way a company runs its entire back office, enabling it to enhance planning, execution, management, and control of a wide range of critical processes.Most of the ERP software suites on the market today offer a wide variety of modules and applications that are designed to streamline and automate activities and tasks in virtually every back-office department, such as:

The Contracting component of Our ERP software package includes tools that enhance the entire end-to-end process of designing and building a product. It streamlines product design, engineering, and configuration; improves tracking and management of product parts; automates the scheduling of production activities; accelerates your contracting and improves quality assurance procedures.

Supply Management
Our ERP software suite includes features to support improved inventory management,order management, purchasing and procurement, logistics, supply chain planning, return management, and incentive management, to help businesses more effectively coordinate and control their complex supply chain workflows and activities.

Financial Management
Our  ERP software, businesses can improve the accuracy and accessibility of vital financial data, while streamlining and automating routine, repetitive accounting processes such as budget creation, allocation, and management; cash flow analysis; accounts payable and receivable; management of capital equipment and other assets; performance management; and financial reporting.
The financial applications within most popular ERP software packages include functionality for general ledger, cash management, accounts payable and receivable, budget management, and fixed asset management.

Project Management
Features for costing, billing and invoicing, time and expense tracking, resource allocation, and activity monitoring make it easier for project-based businesses to successfully initiate, plan, schedule, and execute their most important projects.
ERP software, and its project management applications, delivers integrated management, communication, and control tools that facilitate more strategic project planning and more successful completion of all related tasks and activities.

Human Resources Management
ERP software includes human resources management functionality that automates and enhances the entire employee lifecycle. With features to support hiring and staffing, payroll management, training and education, time and attendance tracking,performance and compensation management, and benefits administration, ERP software systems provide all the tools a company needs to minimize the administrative burden placed on HR teams. They also enable HR staff to more effectively manage their workforce, and help each and every employee reach their full potential.
Comrade Accounting Software, Dubai